Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bonnie and Clyde, Children of God, Friends of the Devil

In her own completely crazy, hell-raising way, Bonnie Parker was a religious woman. She loved Jesus, sang hymns to herself and prayed daily. Sure, she knew robbing filling stations and banks was wrong and so was killing people, but the way she saw it, everyone on earth, herself and Clyde included, were born under a death sentence. In her mind, all those people that she and Clyde Barrow gunned down had basically asked for it. Besides, robbing banks and filling stations was fun.


Then one day, in the middle of a shootout with the cops, just when things look extremely grim, Bonnie meets God. He saves her and Clyde, allowing them to walk past the lawmen and drive safely away. She thanks him for giving them a second chance and promises to mend her ways and live from then on in the light. But to her surprise, God seems completely indifferent to her resolution. He lets them know that what he’s giving them isn’t a second chance at all. They are merely players in a long series of wagers between him and the Devil. One had ended and another hadn’t yet begun. Their fate, he informs them, will be pretty much the same either way, and the state of their souls is not particularly his concern.

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