Thursday, April 2, 2020

Mexican Border Radio, Fried Chicken, and the Big Beat!

But First, a word from our sponsors!

Times like this, what do we all crave?  Chicken!

"I know you LOVE fried chicken. Everybody does!  Now just listen here, babies, because I got a way that you can plenty of lip-smacking good fried chicken on your table, anytime you want it and almost for free!"

This was the kind of patter you used to hear on the Mexican X-Stations, that broadcast just across the border from Del Rio, Texas, from the 1930s clear through to the 1960s.

Click the link below for a recording of some of that choice radio gab!  It's not actually from one of the X-Stations, but from WLAC in Nashville, but boss DJ John R worked the same ground as Wolfman Jack and the other Border Blasters.  Both of them were white, but they talked they sounded black and "talked the Soul Language."

Go ahead a give it a whirl!  If you think its Cool n Crazy, maybe you should consider giving my novel, FRIEND OF THE DEVIL a whirl.
Its got dirty blues, Jazz, plenty of reefer, Bonnie and Clyde, God, the Devil, and lots and lots of Mexican Radio!  Also Goat Glands!